Raw (RAW Family #1) by Belle Aurora

I thought the premise of the book wad very interesting, I haven’t read of a stalker  relationship before and wanted to give this refreshing plot a try. What made me disappointed was the lack of a real plot development as well as character depth.  It felt like it was just mostly smut between a foolish girl and a weirdo.  Alexa is so stupid. Who has unprotected sex with a stalker who is also a stranger?!  Who goes and has a relationship with someone when  she doesnt even know his full name?! What kind of social worker goes and takes drugs when she was just told she would be taking a random drug test soon? Twitch is not written any better. His POVs in the book were short and uninsightful. He reasoning at the end was complete bs and unconvincing.
Overall the pace is slow but at least it’s a fast read.  However, don’t expect a real dark romance book because was not it.

3 stars

Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) by Pepper Winters

21400356Pepper Winters is an amazing writer, powerful and full of conviction.  However…this book just didn’t do it for me.  Plot was absolutely insensible and unconvincing.  A debt that happened generations ago that carried on to this day?!  Character wise, although multidimensional and with depth, it was just ridiculous to read.  A woman that’s sexually frustrated because she’s a quasi-virgin but she’s never reached orgasm or touched herself?  Winters was telling the readers that  in this day with advanced technology, this woman who’s so horny hasn’t ever watched porn and resolved the situation herself?  She’s never watched or read anything that tells her how to give a hand job?  Oh but she can sext an absolute stranger pretty well.  Furthermore don’t even get me started with her flirtatious manner with her own brother that borderlines on incest.

The thing that got to me most was the parchment papers she had to read towards the end of the book.  This was supposed to provide answers but it really just stated everything that was already revealed earlier on.  I felt totally cheated out of the book because the end was supposed to shed some light on the past and answer some of the questions as to how and why the debt happened but the reader just got hooked into false hopes. I know this is a series and Winters needed a good cliffhanger but that part was just absolutely ridiculous and redundant.

Sadly I’m writing Pepper Winters off my list of authors to read.  This book just tells me I’m really not suitable to read her Winters’ works.

2 stars

Raze (Scarred Souls #1) by Tillie Cole

23262621Does anyone else think the cover of this book is horrible?  The fighter looks way too cut and it just looks fake.  That aside, the book is pretty decent.  I think it’s very predictable, corny but still executed fairly well.  Pacing of the book was good too, no irrelevant details and no wasted pages.  It was to the point and a quick read.

Can’t say the plot is that refreshing but I liked the way the writer executed it.  It unraveled at a good pace and the characters were fairly likable.  Kisa is weak and although I don’t care for her that much, her relationship with Luca was the puppy love I can’t deny is sweet.  Although it’s easy to empathize with Raze and what he’s been through I’m not sure I really connected with all the characters.  But I like the plot and it was what I was in the mood for.

4 stars

Carter Reed (Carter Reed #1) by Tijan

Argh so bad, I’m so glad it’s over.  This book started off weak.  The premise sounded interesting enough but really, the way the plot unfolded made the book unbearable to read.  I think it’s mainly because the characters were too weak and the writing style was a juvenile.

Emma is so annoying.  Cried way too much and she was constantly freezing up and having melt downs.  How many melt downs can one person have??  I get she’s going through trauma and horrific events but the sheer amount of it drove me up the wall.  Constantly, she was clamming up and freezing.  Give it a break. Carter seems too one dimensional…and really, their relationship was not convincing.

All in all just a bad book…just…bad.

2 stars

Manwhore (Manwhore #1) by Katy Evans

22892122I really wanted to like this book, I truly did.  I luved REAL and when I read the synopsis, I was dying to read it.  Sadly, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Pace was slow for this book.  It was all just sexual tension in the first half and the second half had too much sex, way overboard.  While it wasn’t insta-love, there was a lot of lust involved but I couldn’t feel the connection and wasn’t convinced.  Furthermore, this screamed FIFTY SHADES OF GREY even more so than I thought it would and I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a more creative twist to it.

I didn’t have much of a connection with Rachel nor with Malcom.  At first I liked Rachel, she was strong, independent and fought for herself and her mother.  But as the book progressed, it just seemed like she was some floozy and all she could think about was sex with Malcom and nothing else in her life mattered.  Sadly, the story progressed on in the most predictable way and I thought the story grew stale.  Malcom is still a myth and his character seemed too cookie cutter.  Mystifying billiondollar womanizer that is oh so successful but will only fall for this one woman who seems so ordinary.  I was a little bored.

This wasn’t bad but it was far from good.  I expected more from the author of REAL but was disappointed. I won’t be continuing since I know it will be yet another disappointment.

3 stars