Sex and Crime: Oliver’s Strange Journey

Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey

Sex and Crime: Oliver’s Strange Journey, published in December, 2013 by Westhoff Publishing, is an autobiographical novel based on true events by Oliver Markus. The novel spans 30 years and follows the life of Oliver, a German immigrant in New York, who moves to Florida and becomes entangled in Fort Myers’ underground drug scene.

Oliver, a survivor of childhood abuse, is a teenage hacker when he meets his New Yorker girlfriend Donna over the Internet. He immigrates to America and becomes a cartoonist. After working in the graphic department of several newspapers, he begins to publish his cartoons on the Internet, with financial success.  After his divorce from Donna, he moves to Milford, Pennsylvania , where he meets Alice, a heroin addict from Middletown, New York. They plan to move to Florida together, but she runs away from rehab, and Oliver moves to Bonita Springs alone. While struggling with severe depression, he meets a number of female drug addicts, several of which end up in jail.

Fans of BREAKING BAD and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK are going to love this book. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the dark world of prostitution and drug addiction.

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