Suicide Squad Movie Review


DC Comics’ Suicide Squad isn’t a bad movie. But it’s not that great either. Certainly not in a league with Marvel Comics’ Ironman or The Avengers movies. I liked the art direction and neon color schemes throughout the movie. The off kilter characters were fun too. But somehow the chemistry between them just didn’t work for me. Maybe one reason for that is that a lot of footage ended up on the cutting room floor, and with that footage the characters would have been more fleshed out – although the pacing of the movie would have undoubtably suffered. The final product in movie theaters seemed a bit simplistic to me. The storyline was pretty far fetched in my opinion. Sure, comic book adaptions are never all that realistic to begin with, but Marvel does a pretty good job making their movies feel as if their universe has cohesion and an internal integrity. Suicide Squad’s plot reminds a little too much of childish Saturday morning cartoons. And is it just me, or are there a lot of similarities to the new Ghostbusters? In both movies a small gang of oddballs faces a supernatural being in the middle of Manhattan that has a spinning energy vortex with lots of floating debrees.

3 stars


Ghostbusters Movie Review

ghostbustersBefore the release of the Ghostbusters remake, there was a lot of hatred directed towards it – especially against the all female leads. But it does a great job capturing the feel of the original, or how I remembered the original. The truth is, the original doesn’t really hold up all that well over the years. When I recently rewatched it, it felt old and dated. My memory of the movie was better than the actual movie. The new all-female Ghostbusters is the same great campy fun as the original release, but updated for today. The cast is funny, their chemistry works, and the movie is just plain fun to watch. What more do you want?!

4 stars

Raze (Scarred Souls #1) by Tillie Cole

23262621Does anyone else think the cover of this book is horrible?  The fighter looks way too cut and it just looks fake.  That aside, the book is pretty decent.  I think it’s very predictable, corny but still executed fairly well.  Pacing of the book was good too, no irrelevant details and no wasted pages.  It was to the point and a quick read.

Can’t say the plot is that refreshing but I liked the way the writer executed it.  It unraveled at a good pace and the characters were fairly likable.  Kisa is weak and although I don’t care for her that much, her relationship with Luca was the puppy love I can’t deny is sweet.  Although it’s easy to empathize with Raze and what he’s been through I’m not sure I really connected with all the characters.  But I like the plot and it was what I was in the mood for.

4 stars

Carter Reed (Carter Reed #1) by Tijan

Argh so bad, I’m so glad it’s over.  This book started off weak.  The premise sounded interesting enough but really, the way the plot unfolded made the book unbearable to read.  I think it’s mainly because the characters were too weak and the writing style was a juvenile.

Emma is so annoying.  Cried way too much and she was constantly freezing up and having melt downs.  How many melt downs can one person have??  I get she’s going through trauma and horrific events but the sheer amount of it drove me up the wall.  Constantly, she was clamming up and freezing.  Give it a break. Carter seems too one dimensional…and really, their relationship was not convincing.

All in all just a bad book…just…bad.

2 stars

Commodity by Shay Savage

27211726Now this books seems like a typical Shay Savage work. It’s creative, it’s refreshing and is absolutely a page turner!

I liked the premise. Savage created a dystopia that gripped me from the beginning. Where were the women, children and pets? How will they survive? Questions on the premise constantly circled me and rest assured there is a reasoning given at the end. The first part of the book told in Hannah’s POV was believable. I was sold on the surroundings and how all the characters fit together. The second part told in Falk’s POV however, lacked some conviction. Although Savage gives you the twist that you were hoping for, it wasn’t all that plausible. The surroundings in the second half weren’t all that convincing and seemed too overboard.

I will say that I liked the chemistry between Flak and Hannah. I felt the connection and the writing was strong enough to sell me on it. I liked how the two of them came from different backgrounds but their past experiences benefited them in handling each other.

This book was a solid 3.5 for me. I rounded up since it is creative and something new. I will say that if you’re a romance genre reader, be prepared for something really refreshing. However if you’re an avid dystopian themed book reader, this probably won’t be your cup of tea.

4 stars