Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

7159515This was a very interesting book! I loved the POV of Annie telling the story as if the reader is her therapist. The plot has some twists that I didn’t expect, the characters themselves weren’t all that likable but the author made them feel real and the story is convincing. That’s all I need.

Annie is bitchy but that’s to be expected as a victim that survived the trauma that she endured. She alienates everyone in her life because no one would understand and that’s absolutely expected. I loved how real she kept it and how she was honest. She was strong and fought her way through and not only survived but we also learn how the healing process worked for her. I loved how Stevens dug into the victim’s mind and walked the reader through how her thought process worked and how victims react to abuse. From the hatred she felt to the helplessness and some compassion for the freak. All of it made sense and was full of conviction. The ending was unexpected and although I felt it was a tad bit far-fetched at first, I also believe in the f-ed up motivation of the person behind Annie’s abduction. In the world we live in today, there are countless f-ed up stories of people who are sick and crazy so the twist in the end is actually something I could see reading in the newspaper.

Definitely a good read, kept me on my toes and kept me guessing. I’ll definitely be picking up another one of Steven’s books!

4 stars

The Education of Sebastian by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Dude CoverThis was way to sickeningly sweet and corny for me. all the characters all had cookie cutter, stereotypical characteristics. there wasn’t much character development and it was very bland. the characters were flat and didn’t evoke much empathy from me. I don’t know how and why carol married a man she didn’t love much less to say stay with him for so long. I understand getting away from her mom but how could she stay with David for so long when he treats her like a servant? Sebastian is a love sick puppy that is lost. if he loved carol since a young age, he would have associated her as a mother figure. to have him profess his love so soon is incomprehensible. sadly since I already have the second installment I’ll continue on, I just hope I won’t have to trudge through it like this one.

2 stars

Delinquents by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

23441296Weaker than the first installment. I thought this series was drawn out longer than it should have been. It could have been a 450 page series but turned out to be over 650. Although the writing is beautiful and poetic, I was over it and needed something a little less lengthy. Plot continues right where it left out but really was just a repeat of the first book until halfway and that’s when it picks up. I’m a very plot driven reader and writing can be secondary or even third so to have this story drawn out made it boring for me. I was ready to move on to something else and ended up skimming more than half the book.

Dusty is still a mess. He spirals even more into oblivion and loses control of everything in his life. Bliss is equally just as bad with her foolishness and naivete that Dusty will change. The ending blew my mind because I didn’t expect that and I hated it. I hate endings like that! Although I didn’t quite enjoy the book due to the slow pace, I will say that character development was out of this world. We see how Dusty’s addiction drives him crazy and Bliss’ addiction to Dusty drives her wild.

All in all, not a bad book. Just too lengthy for me due to lack of plot development but otherwise it was not a bad read.

3 stars

Innocents by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

19214578This was good. I heard good things about it and I am not disappointed.  The writing is beautiful. Very poetic and powerful versus that drew me in.

Plot was semi-refreshing and I’m a sucker for young love who grew up together.  I liked how this book really touched on today’s society, the prominent presence/usage of drugs/alcohol  in lives of teenagers and lack of family values.  Dusty being so involved in drugs wasn’t surprising. His actions and words are controlled by it and has swallowed him whole. Sadly drugs are so prominent in this day in age and kids no longer live as simple as they did before. The lack of true family values plays a huge role in this book and in society. Kids are brought up in broken families resulting in psychological trauma and thus leading to poor life decisions. They are forced to grow up too early and their childhood is shortlived snd sacraficed. This book illustrated  that well.
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Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy

18304765This was good and somewhat lived up to expectations, I’d rate it a 3.5 but rounded up simply because the writing was good. The storyline was a bit old with damaged boy meeting good girl and falling in love. The author did have her way with words and delivered the story in a beautiful way albeit the overused plot. I think the plot definitely deserved to be more refreshing because it was terribly predictable. It didn’t have anything that was surprising and each turn that the story took was foreseen.

Fin is a beautiful girl, inside and out. I really admired her for her strength and her ability to carry on in life when Ryan wasn’t in it. She somehow trudged through and focused on other aspects of life and created a life without him. Her ability to forgive Ryan for his choices was a little confusing and I’m not sure I would do the same thing.

Ryan’s haunted and carries too much guilt with him. I like his character but at the same time it’s frustrating reading about how he deals with things in his life. He runs away and makes choices on what he thinks is best and not what the other person wants. He is like this with Fin the whole time and it’ just annoying how he just cuts people out of his life because he can’t deal with it.

All the secondary characters were all very well written as well. All of the characters in this book played a good role and was worth reading about including Jake and Kyle. As I said, the writing was definitely good and I like the delivery. The plot needed more creativity but overall, it’s still a good book.

4 stars