Casanova Cowboy by Lisa Loomis

13577888** spoiler alert ** This was slow. Pacing is similar to BOY IN A BAND but lacked emotion. I couldn’t relate Morgan as much and I seem to like her less than before. We know the ending to her story since it was already revealed in BOY IN A BAND and I thought her path to get there would have been an interesting read but it was quite the opposite. Her struggles and problems were quite trivial and further reveals that she’s just a foolish girl. Although a semi interesting story of her coming of age and learning what she wants in life, this book didn’t hit me like BOY IN A BAND.

Morgan is a fool. I will say that given her age, I can understand her self esteem struggles, loss of focus, and not being able to figure out what she wants in life. We all learn from our mistakes but it seems that Morgan was either slow or just too self absorbed. She constantly had a “poor me” attitude but didn’t think perhaps her own actions led to the life she has. She wonders why she can’t find love when she sleeps around, doesn’t care that other men see her naked, and constantly parties. Her Mom was more of a friend than a mother figure and never really offered her any valuable advice whatsoever. The years of her partying and dating around dragged on and her relationship was Matthew was really down played and glossed over. She cries about it but it didn’t feel like she really loved Matthew at all. Her relationship with Max was a joke and had me shaking my head the whole time. She cheats on him more than once and wants to stay in the relationship when she knows she isn’t happy and thus wasted away 6 years of your life. Furthermore, she was constantly telling her problems to anyone that would listen. She always made herself the victim and wanted other people to either pity her or give her answers..annoying.

I thought I would like Ryan, I really did. But he couldn’t hold my interest and I thought he was just another player. Sleeping around with 2 sisters AND their mother? Argh. And his lack of assertiveness makes him look like a weak man and I didn’t think his character was interesting at all. His character was flat and lacked life.

Ryan and Morgan were both blah. Neither characters made an impact and didn’t have any qualities that really stood out. They’re your everyday average person and I just found it boring to read about them. Their road to their HEA was long drawn out and lacked conviction.

Sadly, I won’t be continuing on with this series to read about Ryan. His back story that was reveled in this book sounded bland and he himself wasn’t a fascinating character.

3 stars