Delinquents by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

23441296Weaker than the first installment. I thought this series was drawn out longer than it should have been. It could have been a 450 page series but turned out to be over 650. Although the writing is beautiful and poetic, I was over it and needed something a little less lengthy. Plot continues right where it left out but really was just a repeat of the first book until halfway and that’s when it picks up. I’m a very plot driven reader and writing can be secondary or even third so to have this story drawn out made it boring for me. I was ready to move on to something else and ended up skimming more than half the book.

Dusty is still a mess. He spirals even more into oblivion and loses control of everything in his life. Bliss is equally just as bad with her foolishness and naivete that Dusty will change. The ending blew my mind because I didn’t expect that and I hated it. I hate endings like that! Although I didn’t quite enjoy the book due to the slow pace, I will say that character development was out of this world. We see how Dusty’s addiction drives him crazy and Bliss’ addiction to Dusty drives her wild.

All in all, not a bad book. Just too lengthy for me due to lack of plot development but otherwise it was not a bad read.

3 stars