Innocents by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

19214578This was good. I heard good things about it and I am not disappointed.  The writing is beautiful. Very poetic and powerful versus that drew me in.

Plot was semi-refreshing and I’m a sucker for young love who grew up together.  I liked how this book really touched on today’s society, the prominent presence/usage of drugs/alcohol  in lives of teenagers and lack of family values.  Dusty being so involved in drugs wasn’t surprising. His actions and words are controlled by it and has swallowed him whole. Sadly drugs are so prominent in this day in age and kids no longer live as simple as they did before. The lack of true family values plays a huge role in this book and in society. Kids are brought up in broken families resulting in psychological trauma and thus leading to poor life decisions. They are forced to grow up too early and their childhood is shortlived snd sacraficed. This book illustrated  that well.

I’m not sure if I like Dusty. I understand why he made the choices he did but it feels like he let himself spiral out of control.  He let himself get hooked on drugs and even worse, he started so young.  It’s sad. To read his POV  was a great insight into his psyche and how he became to be who is is today.  His lack of a good family drove him to make poor choices and only fall further into abyss.

I am hesitant to say I like Bliss as well because her love for Dusty is too consuming. She isn’t blind and goes into it with eyes wide open but neglects to be smart and protect her own heart.  It feels like she enables Dusty but at the same time there’s not much more she could have done when it’s Dusty’s life and he controls the reigns in both their lives.

Dusty and Bliss’ love is all too consuming.  They burn themselves and wonder why it doesn’t work out.  I luved the raw and passionate story and writing.  Makes it a beautiful sad story and my heart hurts for the pair of young lovers.  I’m definitely continuing and finding out how it ends!

4 stars