Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly

24375937Another quick read from this series. I like the pace, no BS, no wasted pages, it was very focused and got to the point.

Plot is nothing new, but I’m in the mood for some alpha male leads with fairytale like unrealistic storyline so it did it for me. Of course there are corny lines and very predictable scenes but I’m in the mood for it so it was suitable.

Characters lacked some depth but it’s to be expected especially when this is a series and a lot of the situation is already explained from one book to another.

Over all a good steamy read if that’s what you are craving!

4 stars

Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

23357188I don’t like anything too cookie cutter and predictable but something about this book made me like it. Maybe I was in the mood for a fantasy but I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I knew what was coming and predicted it correctly.

The plot line is nothing new. Totally recycled and predictable…but I was in the mood for a fairytale like story with some erotica laced in, this did it for me. Even though the reader knows what will happen with Aria and Luca, it was still good for me to read and happy that it ended the way I wanted it to, even though it was totally unrealistic.

Aria and Luca needed more depth and the writer couldn’t really get me to empathize with them but somehow the author executed it well enough that I wasn’t bored and ended up liking the characters.

Overall, this was a quick and steamy read. If you’re in the mood for a fairytale like story with a HEA, I’d totally recommend!

4 stars

Alarm by Shay Savage

23516255I’m disappointed that this is Savage’s work…I expected more. Savage is usually creative and wrote books that kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat. This was neither creative nor exciting. This was bland and way too cookie cutter.

Plot line lacked everything…it wasn’t refreshing and it was predictable. From SURVIVING RAINE to TRANSCENDENCE, Savage always managed to keep me engaged and excited. This was far from it and it was as if I knew what was going to happen…it was all just a bore.

Characters lacked development. Although there is some depth, it wasn’t enough to keep me interested. Aiden’s backstory although sad, wasn’t really enough to get me to empathize with him. Cloe was bland and although I can relate to her routine life, it wasn’t enough for me to like her all that much.

Together, all of this was just bland. Bland, bland, bland.

3 stars

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

those girls by chevy stevensI really liked Stevens’ work for awhile but I’m starting to think either she is losing her touch or I’m growing tired of her.

This book was sub par and although I liked that it kept me turning the pages and had a good premise, it still fell short and flat. I couldn’t relate to the characters and I thought they were all so foolish. On top of that, the writing felt weaker and I had no connection to any of the characters.

I’ve read all of Stevens’ work so far and perhaps I read them all after one another i am growing tired of her style. It felt like each book was weaker than the previous one. I need a break and will try out other authors. Maybe by the time she releases her next book I’ll enjoy her work again.

2 stars

Sleep Tight (DCI Tom Douglas #3) by Rachel Abbott

sleep tightThis was not a good read and definitely sub par from Abbott. Her first book from the DCI series was fairly good and I thought this would be interesting. Far from it. The writing was weaker in this one and really lacked conviction. I wasn’t convinced of anything the author mentioned and I was rather bored. The plot itself is simple but there was too much redundant details that made the story drag on. The background on Tom was absolutely boring and only there to get the reader interested in reading the subsequent installments. The complex plot line felt too fabricated and the twist at the end was rather stupid and made me want to throw my e-reader across the room. Needless to say I will need a break from Abbott’s work … perhaps even permanently.

2 stars