Casanova Cowboy by Lisa Loomis

13577888** spoiler alert ** This was slow. Pacing is similar to BOY IN A BAND but lacked emotion. I couldn’t relate Morgan as much and I seem to like her less than before. We know the ending to her story since it was already revealed in BOY IN A BAND and I thought her path to get there would have been an interesting read but it was quite the opposite. Her struggles and problems were quite trivial and further reveals that she’s just a foolish girl. Although a semi interesting story of her coming of age and learning what she wants in life, this book didn’t hit me like BOY IN A BAND.

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Embarrassing True Stories by Oliver Gaspirtz

22009452This book was a reminder of the embarrassing stories column in the magazine “Seventeen”. Back in my teenage years in the 90’s, this was THE magazine for us and most of the stories from this book looked like it could be read from that column. The collection of stories in this book came from a diverse group of people from all walks of life. What constitutes as embarrassing is subjective so I can’t say all the stories were funny but for the most part, they made me smile and I was grateful that it wasn’t me. The ones that weren’t all that funny were what I would constitute as awkward.

This book is a very light, easy and quick read that’s pretty enjoyable. I thought the cartoon drawings were the best part in this book though. They’re done quite well and I thought most were quite funny and entertaining!

5 stars

Revealed by You (Torn, #2) by J.M. Walker

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00030]Sadly this was just as bad as the first. The story line is a continuation of the first but we just learn a bit more of how Brett’s past is chasing after him. But really, it’s not all that interesting.

Brett is still dominating and controlling; his double standards drive me insane. We learn a bit about his childhood and how traumatic it was. The author had so many opportunities to elaborate and make this story have more depth instead of it revolving around sex but sadly all of the opportunities were cut short by sex. It really got so boring. Oh and I forgot to mention in my review of the previous book that the use of the “lover” made my skin crawl…it was so corny it made me want to throw up.

Evvie is still stubborn and still over estimating herself. She acts tough and says some things but when the time comes, she gets called out on those lies and it’s just embarrassing. Reading about her and Brett’s interaction was so tiring because really, it was just sex. I’m all for steamy sex scenes but this was overboard and really had no depth whatsoever.

Boring book to say the least, I skimmed it just to get it off my shelf…

2 stars

The Black Wolf (In the Company of Killers, #5) by J.A. Redmerski

23551387Damn, JA Redmerski did it again! This book was was so much fun to read and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This book was plot driven and moved in a fast pace. Though fast, it wasn’t rushed nor did I feel like any part of the book was neglected; all bases were covered thoroughly. Although the mission didn’t seem all that interesting at first read of the synopsis, Redmerski was able to start the book off full throttle and had me hooked. She intricately weave the characters personality in there smoothly. The book was not only plot driven, it was character driven. We learn more about how Niklas thinks and works and it’s fascinating. We also see how Izabel embraces her own “vulnerabilities”. The traits that make her seem weak or compassionate only strengthens her character and makes her more human. Although the book is about a group of assassins, seemingly inhumane killers who are cold and calculating, but Redmerski is able to write them as convincing humane people who are completely muliti-dimential and possess conviction.
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Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

Cute, light read. Plot and characters have a slightly interesting background with a girl being the football team captain and all but romance part of it was pretty typical. I expected all of it so no surprises…no out of the blue twists or anything either. Everything in there was just very superficial, nothing was dug deeper…just a very mild and bland book. Not good, not bad….just bland.

2 stars