Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

those girls by chevy stevensI really liked Stevens’ work for awhile but I’m starting to think either she is losing her touch or I’m growing tired of her.

This book was sub par and although I liked that it kept me turning the pages and had a good premise, it still fell short and flat. I couldn’t relate to the characters and I thought they were all so foolish. On top of that, the writing felt weaker and I had no connection to any of the characters.

I’ve read all of Stevens’ work so far and perhaps I read them all after one another i am growing tired of her style. It felt like each book was weaker than the previous one. I need a break and will try out other authors. Maybe by the time she releases her next book I’ll enjoy her work again.

2 stars

Sleep Tight (DCI Tom Douglas #3) by Rachel Abbott

sleep tightThis was not a good read and definitely sub par from Abbott. Her first book from the DCI series was fairly good and I thought this would be interesting. Far from it. The writing was weaker in this one and really lacked conviction. I wasn’t convinced of anything the author mentioned and I was rather bored. The plot itself is simple but there was too much redundant details that made the story drag on. The background on Tom was absolutely boring and only there to get the reader interested in reading the subsequent installments. The complex plot line felt too fabricated and the twist at the end was rather stupid and made me want to throw my e-reader across the room. Needless to say I will need a break from Abbott’s work … perhaps even permanently.

2 stars

Always Watching by Chevy Stevens

always watchingThis book was quite interesting with a fairly creative plot and very well character development. However, I thought the pace was slow and just dragged. It wasn’t bad but something was definitely lacking and I wasn’t eager to finish it, nor did it keep me at the edge of my seat.

Nadine is a very well written character, I really like how Stevens brought her to life. I loved reading about the different layers of her life, how they shaped her to be who she is today. She’s definitely multifaceted and felt real to me.

Overall the book just wasn’t captivating. I usually really enjoy Stevens’ books but this one was lacking in some way. There wasn’t as much suspense and it seemed to slog on.

3 stars

The One That Got Away by Simon Wood

21219083This was definitely an interesting read. The premise was simple and it followed through to the end. It was pretty fast pace and no dilly dallying nor wasted words just to get more page numbers or make descriptions more realistic to visualize.

Character development was definitely there and it was really interesting to read how Zoe’s life changed after the traumatic event and how she learned from from her experience.

The only thing lacking about this book was the writing and how it was very dry, seemed too clinical and cold. It was mechanical and lacked some conviction. Overall still good for the most part as an exciting and fast paced read.


3 stars