Storm Redemption (Storm Damages, #3) by Magda Alexander

22459046I liked this and am glad that Gabriel and Elizabeth’s story have come to an end. However, I really think that the story has gone downhill since the first one. This book was definitely better than the second one but still weaker than the first. Although plot didn’t really lose momentum, I didn’t like how everything unraveled and how the problems were resolved.

Elizabeth and Gabriel have a lot of problems and they’ve always used sex to resolve everything. This installment isn’t any different and it got old pretty quick. Even when Elizabeth realizes they use sex as a crutch for their problems and it’s only a temporary remedy, she still succumbs to it. They keep promising each other no more secrets and that they’ll communicate and see things from each other’s point of view but none of it really happens. Then miraculously, everything falls into place and the problems are resolved. Yes, some of the measures taken to improve their relationship do help and they start to actually think about each other’s point of view but it seems like all the ways that their relationship has healed is a cliffsnotes version. I don’t think the remedies were given enough weight but was rather just thrown into the book to satisfy the reader.

Overall, I’m glad this is over. It started off as a good ride but plateaued out pretty quickly.

3 stars

A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire, #1) by T.E. Sivec, Tara Sivec

16085614This book was a very pleasant surprise. Reading the synopsis, I liked it but I wasn’t too sure what I was in for. But after reading the book and realizing how much it entailed I was thrilled! It was an absolute page turner and I could not stop reading. It was a romantic mystery and it fulfilled the genre completely. The romance was HOT!! The sex scenes were steamy and got my blood pumping, even the non-sex scenes were very erotic. The mystery was spectacular as well. The author wrote this so well and only divulged bit of information needed to keep the story going but the more you uncover, the more questions there would be. There was a lot of deception and uncovering a huge mystery. Although told from a third person POV, it didn’t lose any connection between the characters and the reader. The third person POV really gave a 360 degree of how the story unfolds, what’s happening simultaneously so the reader doesn’t lose tract of what else is going on aside from the scene you just read. I thought it was very descriptive and the background of the story that was needed for the story was very intricately laced through flawlessly, execution was very smooth. Continue reading “A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire, #1) by T.E. Sivec, Tara Sivec”

Clash (Crash, #2) by Nicole Williams

ok so they matured a little bit but the characters still didn’t really grow on me. I wasn’t attached to them and didn’t feel what they felt. The back and forth of their relationship and Jude always giving in is overboard. But…since I started it I wanted to finish it but sadly this second book was still a little disappointing. I’m going to hope for more for the 3rd installment.

3 stars

Tempting Bad by M. Robinson

24062835This was a great read but fell short for me compared to the other installments. I luved the VIP series, all of them except for this one. This one fell short because of the plot. I thought it was a too cliche and predictable for me.

Brooke’s reasoning for being a VIP was too weak. Even though the writing was fairly convincing I didn’t believe it. Poor little rich girl who has everything has her dreams shattered because of her parents. I was not sold. I didn’t empathize with her at all. I didn’t care for her as a person and am indifferent with her.

Devon was not very likable for me either and I was indifferent with him too. I like that he had strong morals and sense of responsibility in taking care of his family, but i just couldn’t connect with him. He was too stubborn for me with his relationship with Christine, I thought the nightmares as well as his “cure” for nightmares was way too cliche and I was so disappointed to have to read that. I thought the author was reading too many new adult romance to use that in the story. Continue reading “Tempting Bad by M. Robinson”

The Truth About Mack by Jettie Woodruff

23041855Dang this was a real f-ed up story. But a real good one. This was very dark and twisted, convoluted storyline and if I didn’t already read Gianna’s side of the story, I would have been thrown for a real twist.

I really enjoyed this. The characters were all very well developed and the writing was good. The writer formed a very convincing story and as far fetched as it may seem so some, I still think it’s believable.

4 stars