Revealed by You (Torn, #2) by J.M. Walker

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00030]Sadly this was just as bad as the first. The story line is a continuation of the first but we just learn a bit more of how Brett’s past is chasing after him. But really, it’s not all that interesting.

Brett is still dominating and controlling; his double standards drive me insane. We learn a bit about his childhood and how traumatic it was. The author had so many opportunities to elaborate and make this story have more depth instead of it revolving around sex but sadly all of the opportunities were cut short by sex. It really got so boring. Oh and I forgot to mention in my review of the previous book that the use of the “lover” made my skin crawl…it was so corny it made me want to throw up.

Evvie is still stubborn and still over estimating herself. She acts tough and says some things but when the time comes, she gets called out on those lies and it’s just embarrassing. Reading about her and Brett’s interaction was so tiring because really, it was just sex. I’m all for steamy sex scenes but this was overboard and really had no depth whatsoever.

Boring book to say the least, I skimmed it just to get it off my shelf…

2 stars