The Education of Sebastian by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Dude CoverThis was way to sickeningly sweet and corny for me. all the characters all had cookie cutter, stereotypical characteristics. there wasn’t much character development and it was very bland. the characters were flat and didn’t evoke much empathy from me. I don’t know how and why carol married a man she didn’t love much less to say stay with him for so long. I understand getting away from her mom but how could she stay with David for so long when he treats her like a servant? Sebastian is a love sick puppy that is lost. if he loved carol since a young age, he would have associated her as a mother figure. to have him profess his love so soon is incomprehensible. sadly since I already have the second installment I’ll continue on, I just hope I won’t have to trudge through it like this one.

2 stars